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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Kidney Failure



I am excited when I am presented with a new case of kidney failure, for we are usually able to improve their quality of life.  Depending on the conditions and severity, fluids are sometimes needed in acute cases.  Long-term improvement comes from good nutritional food providing needed protein and vitamins for the repair of damaged kidney tissue.  The ceasing of an ongoing assault from chronic infections are paramount, they must be stopped. 

Chronic gingivitis with the resulting infection and infected anal glands are often the avenues of attack on kidneys.  It is like having an unsecured border.  The mass marketed kidney diets do not contain enough nutrients to keep an animal healthy and in my opinion should not be fed on anything but a short-term basis, if that.  We can all stand a fast.  Food allergies should be eliminated and the resulting inflammation dealt with.  We use some Chinese products to rebuild the renal tubules.  This normally takes several months.  We follow the progress with both blood work and applied kinesiology.  It is often interesting to watch, as the kidneys are improving, the body requiring less and less of the herbs used to repair the renal tubules.  The repair is then often confirmed by nearer normal kidney blood work. 

The circulation to the kidneys is sometimes impaired and the body becomes toxic because not enough blood is flowing through the kidneys to detox the body properly.  In addition, often some homotoxicollogy-type compounds are used to get the organ systems functioning properly again.  With new techniques much of this can be determined long distance and supplements provided as necessary. 

I give credence more to the attitude, mental condition, appetite and well-being exhibited by the animal than the numbers on the blood work.  Years ago we had an animal brought to us from the Centerville area for a second opinion about being put to sleep.  The dog had a BUN of over 200 (normal is 30), but seemed to be in good spirits.  I could not see any reason to put the happy dog to sleep.  It was obvious the love that his parents had for him and he for them.  So I had them love him more by switching his diet off a crummy dog food and giving him steak and eggs.  He lived happily for over a year until a required rabies vaccine pushed him over the edge of life.